Pastor Russell C. Cotnoir jr.

Russ came to Fayette Baptist Church in 1988. Soon after, he received his BS degree (with a major in Bible) from New England Bible College, and founded First Light in 1996.

Russ’s heartfelt passion is to communicate biblical truth in a relevant way in order to effect spiritual change through the pulpit ministry of FBC, First Light radio messages and outside speaking engagements at churches and events, retreats and various conferences.

Russ and his wife Denise, have four adult children: Joshua, Aaron, Sarah, and Matthew, and seven grandchildren: Emily, Abel, Connor, Ian, Lilah, Nora and Levi.

From Pastor Russ...

Our deepest desire at FBC is to become a healthy, growing community of people who are committed to following Jesus Christ. We believe that people are drawn into the body of Christ when truth is effectively communicated and lived out in the spirit of God's grace.

My passion as a pastor is to communicate biblical truth in a relevant way in order to effect spiritual change in people's lives for the glory of God. Therefore, innovation, creativity, biblical integrity, and personal authenticity are some of the core values we strive to maintain. The use of technology, media and the arts as a means of communicating the gospel is high on our list of priorities and widely practiced in our services.

Our music style is contemporary and contagious while maintaining a reverence for the traditional. All of our members are encouraged to become actively involved in an area of ministry in which their spiritual gifts and passions may be exercised and developed. Our attendees come from every walk of life and span the entire spectrum of age. Yet, we are truly a family, complete with an array of personal idiosyncrasies as well as an incredible diversity of gifts and talents.

As our church family grows our desire is that personal relationships will flourish and spiritual commitments will deepen. You will be most welcome here. Please, come as you are... But know that once you do, you may never be the same... no one ever is after being introduced to Jesus. -Pastor Russ

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